Continuity of Care

Continuity of Care

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality care for our nation's veterans through our Continuity of Care Camp. This comprehensive three-day training program is designed to enhance the skills of healthcare providers, support family members and caregivers, and educate community members on best practices in whole person veteran healthcare. Whether you attend in person, virtually, or request a compact conference, our training ensures that the same commitment to quality and excellence is upheld.

Our program covers a wide range of topics, including advanced care techniques, effective communication strategies, and holistic approaches to veteran health. By participating in our Continuity of Care Camp, you will gain valuable insights and practical skills that will enable you to provide superior care and support to veterans in your community.

Join our Continuity of Care Camp and elevate your caregiving skills. Register now for our next session and be part of a community dedicated to excellence in veteran healthcare!

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We've built a one-stop-shop to provide a complete range of revenue cycle management services and veteran-centric support services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the most personalized care possible, and we're confident that with CORT by your side, you'll have everything you need to thrive.